Saturday 8 July 2017

Morayo Afolabi-Brown of TVC's Your View Reveals- I almost got raped because of perfume!

Host of TVC Entertainment’s premium breakfast show, ‘Your View,’ Morayo Afolabi-Brown marked her birthday recently and went down memory lane to recount how she was almost raped by a senator in Abuja years back.  

 In a chat with TVC News’ web/online  after a surprise birthday party, the mother of three disclosed that she nearly got raped many years back in Abuja.

Narrating the scary experience, she said :

 I got a gig in the Maltina Dance All project. I was with the crew and I thought to enjoy Abuja and all the exciting things about the city. One of the gist we heard (at the time) was that you can pick up a senator at a club who’ll just give you loads of money and gifts.I had never experienced that and i wanted to dare myself (I felt I was too “boring”). So I allowed myself to be picked up by a senator. 

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He invited me to his hotel where we had dinner in the restaurant. After dinner, he said he had a gift(perfume) for me “upstairs” in his room.

 In my head, I was so naive that I did not know he was trying to lure me! So we got upstairs and he locked the door immediately. I was waiting for him to bring out he perfume but he started undressing his shirt and pushed me on the bed.

 He pulled off my loose blouse and tried his way to my trousers. He started touching me all over. I tried pushing him away but he was so strong. I knew if I became forceful, he’ll rape me so I stayed calm. 

He started telling me he’ll take care of my baby if I got pregnant and that he has money and a whole bunch of other rubbish.Once I calmed down and saw he wasn’t so strong on me anymore, I used every power I had to push him away and rushed to the door, unlocked it and got on the hallway. I started crying for help. He opened the door and threw out my purse and blouse. 

I got dressed in the hall way and ran off .That was an “oju kokoro” situation that almost cost me. 
Moral of the story; there is nothing a man can offer you that is worthy more than your dignity. I have plenty perfumes today. To think I almost got raped because of perfume!!’

She ended the interview with words for her fans,saying: “Great and happy fans will further see me work according to God’s plan for my life. I hope to further impact my generation better, they should never give up in Life if they want to be great”.

Morayo Afolabi-Brown is currently the Director, Programmes at TVC Entertainment & News Programmes. She revamped the TVC E channel from a news station to a family entertainment destination for viewers.

 The ratings of the station has since her resumption been in the top 2 in Lagos.

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