Saturday 31 December 2016

Ubi Franklin gets emotional on social media;Pens letter to his son..

Music Label Exec Uni Franklin is going through a rough patch in his marriage to Actress Lilian Esoro.

Often times he uses social media to vent and relief what ever is on his mind.

He once again got all emotional in a recent letter he penned to his son Jayden

See below..

"Letter To My Son @jaydenubifranklin 
Son, witnessing your birth was not just an experience; it was a miracle (the beauty of a child being born is nothing but pure joy).
You came and melted my heart, taught me to love, taught me to forgive and see things differently. My past experiences made me one who was easily provoked but God always uses something, or someone to change people, to break them, and for me; my SON and some self discipline did.

More when you continue..

You have also thought me to admit my mistakes and apologize for them, even when I think I’m not wrong but may have upset someone, apologize! It takes NOTHING from you but gives you EVERYTHING!!! Son, your magical smile is what I love - Dad Loves you dearly - and will do all to make you happy for my days are better because of you. I have a whole new perspective to life and have experienced another side of life all because of you. (Thank God).
Life doesn't always serve us happy cards but I truly wish I could change every bad situation for your sake and the peace of the family.
This is a letter to you my Son.

This December will be our first Christmas together and your very first Christmas here on Earth.... (Praise God).

Tomorrow is a New Year too.You’re the hero of this story and a new life with you is all because of your Mum (super Mum)....9months carrying and protecting you has led our paths to meet. Growing so fast and big now (you even make efforts to grab my phone and take selfies lol) WOW!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ“ΈπŸ‘•πŸ‘–πŸ™πŸΎ❤
To your Mum; “You are strong, doing an excellent job, and I continue to admire you deeply.”
Oh Jayden, I am so excited to see the plan that God has for your life. I already feel the magic that you will be a great son. You woke up a love in me that I didn’t realize existed. I am Proud to be your father....I have loved you since i found out about you, I loved you more when I met you on your birthday, i have loved you more each day during this past 5 months, and i will love you more for the next four months, four years, four decades, and every day after that. I will always, always love you. My heart just aches and trembles with all my love for you.
Forever and always... Your Daddy. 
Welcome to 2017 ❤ "

MEthinks Ubi is just looking for a way to get a message across to estranged wife Lilian and of course get the public's sympathy

Either way Jayden is surely a cutie!

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