Thursday 29 December 2016

Actress Toyin Aimakhu changes her name,now to be known as Toyin Abraham!

Its been an eventful year for the Actress and producer and she's wrapping it up by changing her name!

In a statement released by her PR people which she said she was not changing her name for reasons like marriage or a new relationship but simply a rebranding  decision facilitated by family..

The statement reads...

"Multiple-Award winning actress formerly known as Toyin Aimakhu will be called Toyin ABRAHAM from now onwards. 
The actress said the reason behind her name change, "is a family decision and will like to be officially addressed as Toyin Abraham henceforth." Presently the actress is busy working new projects;  

So incase you are looking for the Actress on Instagram,this is what her new page looks like..

Toyin is now to be addressed officially and for work purposes as Toyin Abraham.

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