Tuesday 13 December 2016

Photos and Video;Kanye West Hangs out with Donald Trump at his Trump Towers!!

Kanye was only spptted for the second time after his psychotic melatdown out and about in NYC recently,Even though his wife Kim Kardashian reportedly wanted him to rest,the rapper has put himself all out into work even requesting a meeting with US president Elect Donald Trump.

According TMZ,Kanye had a long-term plan when he asked to meet with Donald Trump talk about life during the first meeting, and death on the streets during the next one.

  He had been thinking a lot about the violence in Chicago, and wants to use his name to make a difference. The rapper's had a good relationship with Trump, and he's decided to use it to help promote peace on the streets in Chi-town.

 Trump and Kanye were all smiles as they walked out of the elevator of Trump towers after their  meeting which reportedly lasted for 15 minutes.

They paused for photos and answered a few press questions with Trump saying he was good friends with Kanye and they had known each other for a bit

More photos plus the video when you continue..

But Wait! Kanye and JayZ are besties and JayZ and his wife Bey are and were ardent supporters of Hilary Clinton and massively campaigned  for her so how would they feel about him dining with "The Enemy" ?? 

Ohhh Oops! I forgot he called tgem out already especially  for them not allowing Blue IVY to play with North so they probaby aint besties NO MORE!..🙆

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