Friday 6 May 2016

OMG! Empress Njamah shares some throwback photos of herself and Rukky Sanda;and Rukky Sanda is totally unrecognizable!

Rukky Sanda throwback photo when dark

Empress Njamah is what Yoruba people call "Atuniita" a total yansh opener. Hehehehe..

She shared some throwback photos with the caption..Throw back things@rukkysanda n My myself n I !@rukkysanda u remember this day for@debbinphotography studio ?  

Abeg Empress how she go remember? answer me how she go remember hen?? lol..

I mean she knows Rukky is a totally different  complexion now why share such photos if you aren't planning to start something??!! I mean did you recognize Rukky in these photos??

She's the one on the right in the photo above and on the left in the one below...

Rukky Sanda when still dark throwback Photo

Rukky Dont mind Empress Jare! , stay fierce Mademoiselle!

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