Monday 23 May 2016

Between Burna Boy's Mum and his baby mama To Be Uju Stella..

I mean its still TO BE cos the baby isnt even here yet?! But UJu Stella aint Playing!

Since she came to the public eye alleging that the "Yawa Dey" Singer had impregnated and put her in the family way,she's been spitting venom..

She wants the singer to man up and accept that he's going to be a father but Burna Boy aint ready for that after he mouthed a song off his page saying he only slept with Uju once..

Well obviously so many people including Burna skipped some of their biology classes especially when the teacher was teaching reproduction.

Sorry Burna it takes only once Darling!

Burna's Mum who is surprising still his manager after the public spat they had sometime back defended her son in a statement to PUNCH she addressed Uju saying..

 "My son has never said anything concerning the issue, he has never said a word, maybe there was a song at the background of the video that he posted online but he has never said a word concerning the issue.  What you know is what we know basically and my take on it is that we would rather just focus on his music which primarily affects his life than that. In Africa, it is not a criminal offence for someone to be pregnant for somebody. If somebody says that she is pregnant for somebody and the person refuses to accept it, you look for his family instead of tagging a blogger. We have nothing to say to her. We don’t know anything about any child. She can never come to me, she has already gone to the blogger; she can never come to me.

It is not new; these girls come up from time to time with different claims.  My position on this is ‘no comment’. Anybody can claim anything that they want to claim. We have absolutely nothing to say, Burna Boy is a musician and we want to focus on his music. Nobody has time for her. We saw all the reports online but we just chose to look the other way. In this industry, girls are always coming up with pregnancy claims, we see it every day. We are not bothered and we have no comment. We just recently premiered a new video during the week and it is enjoying massive airplay. We are focusing on the music and nothing else."

I think Burna's Mum might have a point about Uju going to the public first before going to his family she took a different approach she probably should have tried to reach his family the mum thinks..

But Uju isn't having Burna's mum's approach she took to her page to respond to her saying..

"Well Its a bitter story judging from the fact that no one from Burna Boy's Crew or whatever has bothered to get me to hear my own side of the story,How difficult is it for someone to differentiate between a song been sang and someone playing around a song.Prosperity will not find whosoever lies over Flimsy issues,Man Up dude. And if you think you are mother Act like one!

Hmmmm Girl! you speaking to your future mother inlaw like that eh?! lol..

Well I think they should all wait for the baby to arrive and then a DNA test can then be carried out to prove paternity and they can then come to an agreement from there at least for the innocent one.

Even though its seems Burna skipped some classes in Biology, thinking he needed to sleep with a girl multiple times before she can get pregnant,I also dont believe Uju can prove naivety here.

 When you have sex, you know what to expect and of course any Lady cant say with the awareness and sensitization towards diseases and unwanted pregnancies that she doesnt know what to do to protect herself.

So Congratulations Uju Enjoy Your Baby Mama Status Darl,you have worked for it!

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