Monday 16 February 2015

Obasanjo denounces PDP;tears membership card in public! what's next for him??

I really cant understand this man Olusegun Obasanjo but a Yoruba word comes to mind Agbaya!.

Obasanjo as  the Nigerian president dint have a perfect tenure did he?? He wants to leave a party that made him  Nigeria's president..fine..But why call the press and praisesingers who sing and dance as some guy tears his party membership card sorry what is there to celebrate?? you dined and wined with these people,went ahead to endorse another party's candidate so nothing is more of a surprise..

Obasanjo has said more statements to heat up the polity than even any modern day practicing politician why cant he take a cue from IBB and even Buhari who really dont say alot..

If you want to stand back from it all as an elder statesman be that! Broker peace,encourage people to go get their PVC's encourage them to vote,give Jonathan any advice that you can not indict and make statements against the government which you have no proof of..

Would he then pitch his tent with the opposition party APC and then bash the present government and join to chant "change" when his tenure alone is a whole 8 years out of PDP's 16 year rule??

Do not be deceived Nigerians Who was it who wanted a third term again??!

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