Friday 13 February 2015

Photos;When North West almost ruined Dad Kanye West's Adidas Line fashion show at NewYork Fashion week

She was dressed by her husband: The clothes were designed by Mr West and she seemed to be proud of that

No matter how grumpy or mean kanye looks or acts sometimes he is still very loved he still pulls in numbers for his shows and now that he doubles as a designer the love has also been transferred.

He was showing his new line at the NFSW and top guys Anna Wintour,Jayz and Beyonce,Russel Simmons,PDiddy,Rihanna,Kris Jenner,Khloe Kardashian and many more turned up front row for him..
Sitting pretty: Beyonce and Jay Z were also among the front row guests

They were there too, of course: Also at the Yeezy show were (from left) Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Before the tears: Wintour looked a little happier earlier on in proceedings as she smiled for the cameras with Kim, Kanye and their daughter 

All was well and fine until....

There, there: Kim Kardashian tried to comfort her daughter North West as Anna Wintour sat beside her at Kanye West's show at NYFW; also there were (from left) Puff Daddy, Jay Z, Beyonce and Hailey Baldwin
North decided to throw a tantrum..

Diddy is like; Yo! thank GOD all my kids grown up!
Beyonce is like;Babe I aint even here!
JayZ is Like;even blue aint this spoilt!
Anna is like; Ohhh please take ur kid away from me you always Naked woman!

The terrible (nearly) twos: North let loose in the arms of her mother, as Wintour and Beyonce tried to keep their eyes off the tot

The terrible (nearly) twos: North let loose in the arms of her mother, as Wintour and Beyonce tried to keep their eyes off the tot

Helping hand: Kim attended to her little girl as an audience member behind her took photos

Then Jayz fighting hard! grithing his teeth is like girl! STFU!
Beyonce is like;I aint even see nuffin!
Diddy is like;err I think Kanye's shoes be scarring this kid! they UGLY!

I've had enough! It wasn't long before North was letting her mother know she was not happy 

Heading out: Kim carried her 18-month-old out of the show as Beyonce looked on in amusement
Anna arms Akimbo;ohhh Finally! Take the kid away she should have been at home in BED!
Beyonce is like ohh Kim wat the hell you even wearing
Diddy is like;I totally seen nuffin all night..

Heading to the show: Kim and Nori, who was carrying an Adidas sneaker in hand, arrived at the event
Kim is like look who dunnit!

I imagine an African mother and her kid "embarrassing" her in public like that whew! Lets just say be hopeful that your neighbours are nosy enough to come and rescue you from her grip when she begins to "deal" with you lol..

Come to mama! North had a blast playing with her mom at the show
They shared a cute moment tho.but really fashion shows holding in the evening shouldnt have been a place for 2 year old North naa..

Btw I am not sure if Kanye designed the outfits or just the shoes.. But they kinda....

Not a lot of movement here: The models stood side by side and in a row like they were zombies

Her turn in the spotlight: Although her older sister Kendall is the supermodel, Kylie really proved her stuff as she showed off her brother-in-laws designs for Adidas

And the way the models are standing are kinda not helping matters..

Check out more celebrities who turned up for the show..

Showing off her own style: Rihanna also took the time to pose wearing her interesting denim ensemble 

A good A list guest: Rihanna joined Mr and Mrs West at the show, which seemed to make the hit maker smile

Now this is rare: Rihanna posed with Beyonce; for years it was rumoured they were foes

He looks like a she: Justin Bieber was styled beautifully in a red leather jacket and short boots with a clever do that gave him a feminine image; with him were Kendall and Big Sean

They're both good ole bros from NY: Puffy smiled at Kanye after the show and West seemed to like that a lot

They've been posing, they've been posing: Backstage Jay and Bey looked every inch the stylish couple 

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