Sunday 22 February 2015

41 tweets&facts from MR AyeDee That Confirm that Buhari "May" Indeed be Sick and Indisposed!

There have been lots of photos that show that APC's General Muhammadu Buhari was/is in London for some engagements mostly private speaking engagements and a public one was supposed to be the meeting with APCUK members but his wife,Running mate Osibajo's wife and his daughter Zahra turned up instead.

Well he could have been busy right?? But people have been asking why that single public event when photos surfaced of him being interviewed and all..

Well Mr Aye Dee remember him?? ohhh am sure he needs no introduction anymore after almost shutting down Linda Ikeji's blog.. He says he's a security expert and he has analysed all the photos with facts.

I have embeded the tweets cos they have media like photos which he used to illustrate plus you could also click through to twitter to ask him questions or maybe tackle his claims if you want to..

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