Monday 27 May 2013

Read: How Laide Bakare used her Ex Husband to secure American Green card and dumped him afterwards..

Laide Bakare used husband to get green papers

Nollywood Actress laide Bakare has been in the news alot lately from lauching reality shows, to posing with cars,to releasing press statements about dumping her hubby and her new marriage..

Well news is rife that the Actress used her ex Husband's status in the US to be able to get her papers and as soon as she did she jetted off. Report is courtesy First weekly see banner*

"We can authoritatively inform you that Laide's marriage to US-based Olumide Okufulire crashed over nine months before she made the issue public days ago. The actress had successfully kept the secret of her troubled marriage from the press, save for few people, who were aware of the ugly development.

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Information at our disposal has it that Laide switched her love from Okunfulire early after securing an American green card, which qualified her for some social benefits in the USA.

Our findings revealed that Okunfulire, a resident of Baltimore, Maryland in the US, filed for green cards for Laide and Simisola (their daughter), which were eventually granted when the American government confirmed that Okunfulire was legally married to the actress.

When the application was approved, Laide and her daughter, Simisola, travelled to America in 2012, and landed in Baltimore to join Olumide.

“Laide only used Olumide (Okunfulire) to obtain an American green card,” a competent source told us, adding that, “she only wanted to get that (American green card) and dump the poor man.”

“These Nollywood actresses can be desperate and can do anything to get whatever they want. It is very unfortunate that Olumide became a victim of Laide's deceit,” the source further said.

Speaking further, our source alleged that, “Laide was not faithful to him (Okunfulire), she was always giving one excuse or the other whenever she went outside their matrimonial home. She would always say, 'I am on a movie location.'

“Trust me, Tunde (Oriowo, Laide's new husband) will get a share of Laide's 'excuses', you will say I said so in future, just wait and see.”

We were unable to get Laide to speak on the allegations as at press time. Her publicist declined to speak to us, when we contacted him on the matter."

Hmmmmm na wa ohhhh na Paper things abi lol..

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