Sunday 19 May 2013

Nigerian Music channel presenter in Sex Tape mess can you guess who??

From Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton to farrah Abraham who would have thought the sex tape bug would also hit back home in Naija..

Well the gist according to Maestromedia is that a certain Presenter has a sex tape out there as in out there! lol..

"Our subject matter is a popular hostess on a cable network, hosting a musical show who always holds her audience spellbound by her delivery. Not too tall, very shapely with big eye balls, she looks like an angel, but with the tinge of a she-devil hidden under the facade, she sounds like 'champagne', we are not talking 'Brut or Rose' here and seems connected to the family of a former ruler, at least by her second name. 

Until the advent of this totally raunchy Sex Tape, one wouldn't have thought she was capable of this debauchery. On the leaked tape that is around now, it was obvious that she and her partner were both in the know of the recording. It (the Sex Tape) was recorded somewhere in Lagos here, both fully aware about the recording, it was like they wanted to give a performance (they are allowed as they are both adults). And they went at each other like people on heat, it was like they thought their lives depended on it. First the dude was in charge, then the lady took over, it was like Who go win who? Seem to be their watchword. 

The sad aspect of the mess is now that, what they thought was done in secret, has come into the public purview. We are sure they wouldn't have minded, if they were actors in that world of movie, because they were star performers (it was like a replay of Kim & Ray J). Now their secret tape has gotten into some hands and we only just hope, it would not become full public property soon. How the Sex Tape got leaked we don't know. But we can tell for a fact that it's around. Unlike abroad , where the duo involved could have made money by selling the tape, here it has just become a total mess" 

According to thenetng the presenter has been confirmed to be Moet Abebe...

The sound CityTV Presenter is said to have shot the video a long time ago even before becoming a celebrity so there you have it.. feel free to read up more on their site..


  1. Who's d lady?? Spill it out.. Lol

    1. @Anon na you go fit help me ohhhh me sef no know the lady ohhh lol..


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