Saturday 24 October 2020

Influencer Marketing; the new Gold for Lifestyle Influencers and Bloggers!

Gold eh? That valuable resource? Well we dont mean literarily..we mean hitting gold in currencies!

With the advent of social media,other forms of advertising have kind of taken the back seat with so many brands looking to influencer marketing for their advertising and outreach needs.

Influencer marketing is an effrctive way to increase brand exposure,drive website visits and untimately more sales!

It is often used as a strategy to identify people who have a strong influence on a brand’s industry or target audience.

Brands usually form partnerships with the influencer to utilise the influence and audience that said influencer possesses to often get their products and services across.

This is done through key brand messaging or content created by said influencer often weaved and created in an organic natural way.

Influencer marketing is ultimately about gaining exposure, but it isn’t always about working with people who have the largest audience but the RIGHT audience to enable brands make connections with the people most likely to engage,connect with your brand and make purchases or recommend now or in the future..

So how to find the right influencer? First you need to have an idea about your goals and the type of influencer marketing strategy you want to implement.
 You still aren’t ready to start looking for influencers just yet! 
You need to identify your audience first and what you would like to accomplish with your campaign.

Defining your goals in the early stages of planning will help you shape a consistent strategy throughout your campaign,it will also give you an idea about the metrics to track and monitor to measure your success at the end of the campaign.

Some goals you may want to consider for your influencer marketing strategy include brand awareness,brand identity,engagement,customer loyalty,sales,and brand mentions are some of the metrics that could be measured after influencer marketing campaigns.

Now that goals are noted where and how to find the right influencers?

Blogs,Instagram Twitter,Facebook,Pinterest,Tiktok

Which to use??

It all depends on knowing where your audience resides and what type of campaigns to run..

Once you know your goals, it’s time to start thinking about the type of influencer marketing campaign to run.

Gifting,guest posts,social media mentions,affiliate programs,reviews,free discount codes and lots more..

Influencer marketing ideas and strategies some times might be a bit daunting and tiresome for brands who want to reap the benefits of influencer marketing

Dealing with measuring metrics,figures,demographics,buyer traditions and algorithms may be a bit of a headache,so they outsource the process to influencer marketing platforms like Intellifluence.

Intellifluence is an intuitive influencer marketing platform for influencer discovery with safe and seamless payments,
Workflow management,reports and messaging with in built tools built-in so you never have to go off-platform.

Intellifluence prides itself on being the largest warm influencer marketing network in the world where every influencer joined on their own.

They boast of a strong network of 85,000+ creators and influencers.

Brands can design public offers that qualified candidates can apply to while  simultaneously finding and pitching additional creators using their Discover tool.

Influencer marketing platforms have created a synergy as the middleman between bloggers/influencers and brands ensuring that there is free flow of jobs for influencers as well as the medium and platforms for brands to execute their campaigns.

The influencer marketing industry is set to become a trillion dollar Industry in just a few years..See our Gold analogy?

With billions of active users on social media platforms and blogsites,the influencer marketing industry has boomed over in the few years that its existed.

We have seen the rush by startups to establish databases of brands and influencers,facilitating collaborations between the two and leveraging the best practices for organic growth.

Initially influencer marketing favoured mostly celebrities,but with lots of people riding on their influence to amass lots of followers,some times in the Millions,this has created a new crop of social media stars and influencers who have become celebrities and stars just as a reason of their following.

Elitedaily corroborates with its list of trending lifestyle influencers across social media who have built audiences numbering in the thousands to the millions.

These followers are built on loyalty and brands see this as way of humanizing them to consumers who often believe word of mouth from influencers than traditional advertising.

These influencers are in hot demand due to a broad lifestyle niche they have carved for themselves.

Other popular areas in hot demand are fashion,beauty,style,travel,home,food,pets,books and mum influencers.


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