Sunday 7 October 2018

Photospeak;When the Governors of Lagos Met! Fashola,Ambode and Sanwo-olu!

Photo Fashola Ambode and Sanwo-olu
Photo taken at recent APC Convention

Well you might argue that Sanwo Olu isnt Gov just yet,but we all know it is kinda settled with the powers from Bourdillon.

So Here's my imagination of what happened in this photo - Sanwoolu and Ambode discussing,Fashola steps into the arena and Ambode rushes to hug him tightly saying..
 Emabinu egbon Fash, gbogbo nkan to sele nigbati mo de ori oye,Ejebure! Gbogbo nkan ti ye mi ni siyin,Eyan ma n Wo Asiwaju se awokose ni 

(For non Yoruba speaking people this translated to English is very watered down but it simply means Ambode apologises to Fashola for not following his footsteps and throwing away all his programmes when he assumed office)

Fashola replies,Ambo mo dariji e! Sebi a ma jo je minister ni Abuja ni to ba ti gbe oye sile..Aye si wa fun e daada,ma wori! (Fashola says he forgives and welcomes him to Abuja where he would also be compensated with a ministerial position after handing over to Sanwoolu

Sanwo olu looks on in his mind thinking,I better behave if not that would be me in 4 years! lol..

Nigerian Politics,simply game of chess!

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