Saturday 21 January 2017

So here's why Actor Femi Jacobs is still single!

 femi jacobs

Not many people know that celebrated actor Femi Jacobs is single.

With lead roles in top and big budget films, he has made his mark in modern day Nollywood and Nigerian theatre.

 He is however not ready to quit bachelorhood just yet! 

In a recent chat with PUNCH he gives his reasons for not being married yet.. 

 “It is not just economics of marriage, it is the dynamics. Everybody has a dream in life. Some people have a business and they just want to make money. For me, marriage is a resting place; it is a place where you can scale your dream up to another level. I want to be at a particular level of settlement before I go into marriage. 

Also, there is a space and time for everyone. I love the concept of love even though I am not a champion for it; I am not a champion for romance. If I was one, I would have been married at the age of 25. But I believe it is part of life and culture to an extent. I think love is beautiful. It is a beautiful thing to love someone and to be loved back by the same person.”

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 He adds that marriage is fast taking another dimension in Nigeria and that should not be so. He added that the rate of divorce is high because many people jump into marriage without considering the proper factors.

“I think marriage should be a practical issue instead. It should be personal to everyone. I have been lucky; I have about six siblings who are all married. I have four elder siblings and two younger ones and they are all married. 

The pressure is a bit low because my father is no more alive and my mother has a lot of grandchildren to keep her busy. She still remembers me once in a while but I know how I evade the questions whenever she raises them up. It is every parents’ dream to cuddle their grandchildren but we should bear the responsibility for that dream. I don’t think parents should put pressure on their kids when it comes to marriage especially when they are not ready for it because that would be counterproductive at the end of the day.

“As you can see, the rate of divorce is high and those that are not divorced are separated. We are basically just patching the institution and that is because it is filled with the people who are not ready for that space. Marriage is quite intense and it is not something you should do without critical intention. It is not something you should force, you have to be ready for it,” 

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