Monday 16 January 2017

Back on her Grind! Kim Kardashian returns to work as she shoots modelling campaign in Dubai!

She's back! Kim Kardashian is back to Normalcy  as she's photographed working on  modelling shoot in Dubai

Things came to a halt  after the reality star was robbed in Paris but she's gradually get back to her
  to her old self again as she posed for a photoshoot while on a trip to Dubai.One of the very few work gigs she's done since coming back to social media and making appearances.

Fur and feathers: The Dubai trip marks Kim's return to the spotlight, after she took a career break following a terrifying heist in October
Even posing with a Falcon did not Faze the mum of two..

Strike a pose: Sitting astride a buggy, posing with a falon on her hand, and giving the camera her best angles, this was the Kim of old

Kim was back in business and in her element as she confidently gave the camera her best angles in all shots.. 

More when you continue..

She's back! Kim Kardashian is her old self again as she sits astride a buggy on Dubai modelling shoot at sundown on Saturday

Fancy ride: Kim called shotgun and took the passenger seat

One more selfie! Kim is always ready to take a picture

The crew: Kim was surrounded by support staff on the desert location

Covered up: A long fur coat was thrown over some red jogging bottoms and a shirt

One for the album: Kim has also returned to social media, and has been busy Snapchatting throughout for visit to the UAE
Of course she had to take photos of that

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