Thursday 13 October 2016

Toke Makinwa's Vlog of the week; "Lets Switch Roles!

Earlier this week,Toke Makinwa came under fire for one of her  previous Vlogs.

That particular Vlog, is about two months old where she talked about living up in your twenties.
 Its not a new Vlog so I am wondering if some people just wanted to be malicious and brought it to the fore.
Such people may not even follow her Vlog on a weekly basis..

She supported her self saying her VLOG wasnt for everyone,and  I think her message was misconstrued.

Toke embraces a lot of sarcasm in her Vlogs, like dont take her too seriously or interpret whatever she says literally. 

I dont think she was telling women to be loose I think she was only saying live your live when you are young,do things spontaneously so when you look back when you're much older you'ld be like waohhh! those days I sure lived it UP!

We have so many unfulfilled people walking the streets of the earth,having regrets about what they could have down with the days of their youth,It comes only once and its over before you know it.

So its your life, live it the way you want it,embrace the gift that is that GOD has bestowed you with..

And if you're still bothered about what Toke said,says,or is going to say....Then..

In other news check out this week's Vlog below...

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