Tuesday 4 October 2016

All The Details About Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery Attack!

Kim Kardashian has arrived back in the US on a private jet after masked men put a gun to her temple and left her tied up in the bathroom of her luxury residence in Paris. The reality TV star does not appear to be wearing her engagement ring, prompting fears it was stolen in the raid

There were countless Media reports that reality star and tech entrepreneur Kim Kardashian was Robbed while in Paris.

She had been in Paris having a good time at the several events for Paris Fashion week till masked gunmen hit her hotel room,gagged and tied her up held at gunpoint and then proceeded to rob her of almost $11,Million Dollars worth of Jewelry.

TMZ says..

Kim was ordered out of bed by masked men she initially thought were going to rape her.
 Kim was lying in bed with only her robe on when she heard boots pounding up the stairs of her 2 story apartment.  
We're told Kim saw at least one masked man and another wearing a police hat through a sliding glass door. She knew something was amiss, so she rolled off the bed and tried dialing her bodyguard on her cell phone.
Before she could finish dialing one of the men yanked the phone out of her hands. They zip tied her hands with plastic handcuffs and duct taped her to make it more secure. We're told one of the men grabbed her by the ankles

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Kim told cops at that point she believed she was about to be raped.
The robbers duct taped her ankles, picked her up and put her in the bathtub. She then started screaming, begging them not to kill her because she had babies. She went on to say she had money and they could take whatever they wanted.

Kim told cops the robbers did not know English and only spoke French. The only thing she understood the men kept saying, "ring, ring." Kim knew what they were after, the new ring she got from Kanye.
 She told them where it was in the apartment, but that was not the end.
Kim continued to beg and cry, and at that point the robbers duct taped her mouth shut.  
We're told a friend of Kim's Simone was also in the apartment sleeping in the downstairs bedroom. Simone heard the commotion and locked herself in the bathroom and called Pascal, the bodyguard, and Kourtney telling them to hurry back because something was terribly wrong.
Pascal got back to the apartment 2 minutes after the robbers left.
The entire incident took around 6 minutes.

Husband Kanye West even had to cancel a concert he was playing midway citing a family Emergency.

kim Then made her way back to the US Via Her Private Jet

Kim Kardashian was accompanied by her assistant and personal bodyguard as she rushed on to a waiting plane on Monday morning after being robbed at gunpoint

Mailonline also gives a blow by blow account of how the incident happened...

Kim had been asleep in just a robe around 2.25am Monday when she heard the robbers barreling up the stairs of her two-story apartment behind Madeleine church in the city's 8th arrondissement,  

Kim sprung out of bed upon hearing the men barreling up the stairs, but her phone was soon snatched away

She heard French-speaking robbers repeating 'ring, ring', realized they were looking for 20-carat diamond
Friend Simone Harouche was sleeping downstairs, but locked herself in bathroom and called bodyguard
Bodyguard Pascal Duvier was out with Kourtney and Kendall at Arc nightclub less than two miles away
Robbers escaped on bicycles, and Duvier appeared two minutes later; Kim was 'shaken but unharmed' 
She returned to NY home on Monday afternoon alongside Kanye West without $4.5m ring on her finger  
Their children North and Saint were not involved in the early morning raid  
Questions are now being raised about the security protocols that were in place when Kim was robbed 

The men, who entered the building after holding the concierge at gunpoint, also stole a jewelry box worth $6.7 million (€6 million/ £5.24 million) before escaping on rented bicycles available throughout the city.  

Kim's bodyguard, who managed to return to the apartment two minutes after the men escaped, was blasted for allowing the shocking security lapse while former guard Steve Stanulis suggested it was an inside job.

Kardashian was met by husband Kanye West as she returned to New York - she was reportedly 'very pleased' to be back in US

  Kim and Kanye have now intensely beefed up their security details  and were photographed as they  walked into their home in Manhattan with a huge security presence posted outside, Kim's engagement ring was notably missing from her finger.

Kanye West met his wife as she touched down in New York after being held at gun point by five robbers in Paris

Steve Stanulis, a security specialist who last worked for Kim and Kanye during the Met Gala in May, blamed the star for broadcasting her jewelry on social media, adding that she needed armed security guards before suggesting possibilities of an inside job.
He told Dailymail.com: 'Look, they had this coming to them. They do not respect the importance of security when you have a profile as strong as theirs. 
'I saw this happening. It just had to with the way Kim flaunts her riches and her diamonds.'  
 'I would say it’s either an inside job or publicity stunt. That hotel is so secure, somebody must have tipped them off that she was alone inside, or shown them a way in.'

 An eye witness described the moment that French police stormed into the Paris apartment to free Kim from the violent jewel-robbing gang.

Rough-sleeper Marion Marionescu told MailOnline how he was woken in the early hours of Monday morning by police sirens as he slept in a Paris Metro station.
And he told how he watched squadrons of heavily armed officers rush into the exclusive Hotel Portales in the centre of the French capital.
Marionesuc, who is in his 30's, told MailOnline: ‘I was settling down to sleep after returning to my spot after wandering the streets when i was woken by lots of police sirens.
'There were so many police cars I knew it was not something normal. I went up to the street to see what was happening. There were lots of police cars.
'And there were all of these policemen going into the building. They had their guns out. There were officers in uniform and others in plain clothes.
'I had no idea what was going on but i didn’t want to ask because I didn’t want to get involved.'
The incident comes just five days after Kim praised her personal bodyguard Pascal Duvier as 'the best in town' after he saved her from being tackled by serial prankster Vitalii Sediuk.
 The raid occurred while Kim was staying in a discreet luxury residence frequented by celebrities and wealthy individuals.
The Kardashian home is located in the Hotel Pourtalès, which operates as a portered building with nine apartments designed for multi-millionaires rather than an actual hotel.
The exclusive residence was originally built in 1839 and classified as a historic monument in 2002.
According to Page Six, Kanye owns the apartment. 'It's their home,' a source said. Kim has stayed there at least once before, in 2014, before her marriage to West. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Manchester United football star, lived in the building for a time while playing for Paris St Germain. Ibrahimovic's flat in the Paris block was rented for $32,000 (£25,000) a month and the fee included a private cook, chauffer and 24 hour concierge. Others who have stayed there over the years include the late rock star Prince, Madonna, and Leonardo Di Caprio.
The concierge attacked during Monday's raid was left tied up, gagged, and hidden in a cupboard in the stairwell of the building, said investigating sources.

The building has 'hidden entrances' for stars trying to avoid the paparazzi, according to a neighbour. The top floor flat, which stretches across 350 square meters, has a private roof garden and Jacuzzi. Other members of the Kardashian clan have been staying at the George V hotel during fashion week.

The raid on Kim Kardashian's apartment has all the hallmarks of the Pink Panthers, a gang of super-criminals who have got away with tens of millions of pounds in jewels in high-profile heists since 1984.
The gang, whose members mostly hail from Serbia and Montenegro, have stolen more than £280million.
They got their nickname after a 2003 London robbery when a thief hid a diamond in a pot of beauty cream, similar to the plot of one of the Pink Panther movies about an inept French detective played by English actor Peter Sellers.
The gang - who have hit targets in Cannes, Tokyo, Singapore and Dubai - are a loose network of around 200 people, whose jobs are known for their precision and minimal violence.
Their ruses to gain entry have included dressing as golfers, Hawaiian tourists, workmen and police officers.

 If the Pink Panthers were involved in the robbery at Kim's home  a luxury block apartment block called Hotel Pourtalès they would have done their homework.

They probably monitored Kim's social media and may have seen the jewellery she was wearing in Paris after she Snapchatted a picture.

They would have cased the building beforehand.
The only security at the building was a concierge, who was quickly overpowered, tied up, gagged, and hidden in a cupboard in the stairwell of the building.
Panther in Pink: Bojana Mitic (pictured) is wanted in connection with her role in the 2007 Dubai jewellery heist

The Pink Panthers' modus operandi is to use minimal violence deaths brings more 'heat' from the police - but they were armed and would have been more than a match than any bodyguards Kim might have had.
The building has 'hidden entrances' for stars trying to avoid the paparazzi, but these would also have allowed the gang to have got in and out without being noticed.
The stolen jewellery was probably taken out of France within hours of the robbery and the Pink Panthers are thought to have a detailed and enduring network of 'fences' who have plenty of experience of turning booty into cash.

One of the gang's most audacious crimes was at the Wafi Mall in Dubai in 2007.
Security cameras in the exclusive shopping mall captured the moment when the gang, in two high-powered cars, smashed their way into the mall, a man in a black bodysuit and balaclava jumped out of one car, which then reversed into the door of the Graff jewellery store.
Armed with a gun and a hammer he helped himself to £2.1m of diamonds and then the gang sped off, all within 170 seconds.

Kim Kardashian's Robbery has however been labelled by some as an inside job by someone quite close or even a publicity stunt to improve ratings for her Family's reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians KUWTK!


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