Wednesday 26 October 2016

#CFcoverstars: Lanre Da Silva Ajayi And The Okunoren Twins Sparkle For Complete Fashion October Edition

The incredibly talented Lanre Da Silva Ajayi graces the front cover and highlights why it takes a lot of resilience and hardwork to maintain the longevity she has had in a male-dominated industry. 

Other contents in CF woman are Speak fashion, An A-Z brush up of your style vocabulary. What not to wear to fashion week, a detailed analysis on fashion mistakes to avoid. Declutter, an insightful guide on how to detox your closet. Online shopping, an insight on your favorite digital therapy and many more style guides and pictures.. 

The incredibly dapper Okunoren twins shine on the cover of Complete Fashion male, fraternal in appearance they might be but they are sure uniform in their quest for merging traditional elements with modern details as they relay in an insightful breakdown of men style.

 This section also features Dress down, a guide to casually styling a suit. Our bachelor of the month Dj Obi would surely steal your heat too Plus more diverse content on Men's Fashion 

Other exciting features in this edition include a profile of the LFDW team and a look into fashion in art through the lenses of Fashion and Art Illustrators.

Our editorial “fashion is a fairytale" transforms tissue papers, cardboard paper and cellotapes into glorious art.

This edition is packed with so many guides and looks for everyone who loves fashion. You don't wanna miss it!!!!  It's available from vendors and bookshops nationwide!

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