Monday 13 June 2016

Flavour's Baby Mama Anna Banner opens up in no holds barred interview- Flavour and i are no longer together!

So over the weekend,Anna posted some cryptic messages that suggested there was fire on the mountain in her relationship with her babby Daddy, Flavour.

Flavour has another baby Mama Sandra Okagbue, so fans indeeed assumed there was a competition among the ladies for the singer's heart.

Anna has however opened up in an interview with SDK.. 
she speaks on her choosing the right choice as against having an abortion and that indeed she was never aware Flavour had another relationship as at the time they got together..

Excerpts below..

Anna you went on a rant on Saturday and your posted meme suggested your relationship with the father of your child is troubled. Wanna talk about it?

First of all,Flavour and I are no longer together. Secondly,my post has/had nothing to do with flavour. It was just a beautiful write up that made sense to me and i decided to share it with my fans.

You and flavour are no longer together? When did this happen and why? Pardon my asking.

Yes we are no longer together. I made this decision recently. I spoke to myself and decided it was time to move on and focus on my future and career.

More when you continue...

Did you convey your decision to him? what was his reaction?

Yes i did.. we are both cool with it.

So Anna why did you decide to become a baby mama when you are so young and have a bright future ahead of you?

I never decided to become a baby mama ,I just fell in love. I fell in love and got pregnant unexpectedly for the man I loved. I had never gotten pregnant before and i was scared of abortion.

 I decided to keep my baby no matter what ,i never tried to hold a man down or force marriage on anyone with my pregnancy. You know in life, the hardest decisions always turn out beautiful. I don't regret keeping my baby one bit. She is my greatest achievement in life so far. I fall in love with her every second of the day.

Okay let me ask another question. You knew Sandra Okagbue and Flavour were a couple and that she was even pregnant for him. Why did you nosedive into the relationship with him knowing all these?

I never knew flavour was with another woman while we were dating. We started dating way before 'Golibe was composed'. He never mentioned/admitted he had any relationship ties with anyone even after rumour had it that he was dating someone else and she was even pregnant for him. I believed him.

 I confronted him again when i heard she had put to bed and it seemed true. He accepted after much talk but unfortunately i was already pregnant ,never knew i was pregnant until i was one month gone. What was i supposed to do? Take out my precious child? Hell no.I believe God sent her to me for a reason.

So you see, it was never my intention to break anybody's relationship or come in between two lovers. I just never knew. For those of you out there judging and persecuting me for something you know nothing about ,let me ask,Are you better than i am?Is it okay by God for you to Judge me when he has forgiven me all my sins?. 

I made an adult decision at a young age and i am so proud of myself for keeping my baby. People always say i am competing/fighting with someone all because of a man . Really? Fighting and competing? Thats too much energy. Seeking for a man's attention is never/ has never been my thing! I'm not done seeking for God and my daughter's attention.

People always refer to me as "husband snatcher" but please, that is not the case.Many of have been victims of love and i am sure we all know that when a woman is deeply in love,she believes everything her man tells her.
I am not a husband snatcher,i was just naive of a lot of things and everyday i ask God to give me wisdom to see well and make the right choices.

  Is there some kind of competition between you and Sandra? I noticed the posts on your social media handles kinda suggest that? Has there ever been a confrontation between you two? Please pardon my many questions but I have so many to ask...

No I am not in competition with anyone Stella and no there has been no confrontation and i dont see that happening.

You say you and flavour have broken up, are you both still friends for the sake of the child you have together?

I and flavour are still very good friends. Chinedu is a very nice person with a big heart.  We talk about almost everything. I respect him a lot because he is a good person. He has been an awesome father to his child and i respect him for that. He goes extra length to make his daughter happy. He has a beautiful soul.

What are your plans now for the Future?Do you plan to further your Education?
Yes,I plan to go back to School and I plan on a whole lot of things.I wont say my getting pregnant put a set back in my plans because My baby is the best thing that ever happened to me but i have plans to return to school soon.
The future is bright for me...

Do you have any regrets whatsoever?
None whatsoever....God has been Faithful.

Are you a happy person?
Its a 50/50 situation.Most of the times,i am happy,most of the time i am not.Most times i have a lot on my mind and most times i am very happy..I think about what i should have done,what i could have done,what i didnt do right and what i should do right.Its not a permanent feeling and i will be fine.

Good Decision to move on Anna  


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