Wednesday 15 June 2016

5 new slang terms to memorize to stay cool on Social Media..


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You wanna stay cool on Social media? check out 5 new slang terms memorize to stay cool on Social Media (SM)

The Internet is eternally evolving and so are the trends that stem from it. Even if you use it every day, it can be difficult to stay clued in, especially when it comes to social media language. Sure, you can look up words in online slang dictionaries, but before long, you will find yourself outdated and uncool.  For instance, in 2015, some words like “on fleek”, or “Squad” or “preach” were trendy, but as we have progressed in the New Year, certain new slangs have taken over.

If you are reading this and realizing that you are stale, do not worry as we have made a list of 5 new slangs terms that you can memorize and get back on the “cool table” in the social media and internet world at large.

Extra no longer just stands for “an addition” in sentences or phrase. Basically, if someone refers to you or calls you “extra”, the person is merely trying to let you know that you are either trying too hard or being over the top. From the lady who is too loud at the cinema to the dude being a busy body and trying to get a girl’s attention, such people can be described as extra.

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If you are familiar with the word “fleek” and you still use it, sis, you may want to chance it to “snatched”. Snatched is the new internet slang used to describe anything that looks really good or that is on point. It could be a person’s overall look or food on a plate outfit. Anything that you think is on fleek or anyone you think is slaying in anyway is not snatched.

“Sis”  may seem like an old word as it has always existed as the short form for “sister”  and used when referring to a female, but currently it has taken over all forms of reference and is now the new bro. So, where you normally would have used “bro”, just replace it with sis and you are   SM legit!

You may have to ponder for days before you figure out what OTP stands for as thanks to the internet and SM, there so many possibilities. To save you the stress though, OTP simple stand for “One True Pairing” and do not be deceived, it is not used the same way one would use “one true love” either. Your OTP simply is a couple you are emotionally invested in. For instance your OTP could be Tuface and Anne Idibia.

Live is a normal word in the English dictionary that can be used to describe the human state of consciousness. However, it has been tweaked to refer to something as being cool, exciting or fun, and can also be interpreted as extreme or intense. So, in the case you found your stay at the Intercontinental hotel, Lagos exciting , you can just say  “My stay at the intercontinental was way live!”

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Nkem Ndem

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