Wednesday 17 December 2014

Pokello Channels High Fashion in Valentino gown as she poses with ex Fiance Elikem

Totally gorgeous..and reeks of high fashion, that LV purse is deffoo speaking to me! lol..

And this photo below.. hmmm..

You these two have ended things like twice the last time  they even embarrassed each other publicly on social media read all about that Here!

Its either these two made up and decided to keep their business off social media or all that drama was just some publicity stunt, or Elikem is still trying to win her back? or some good photoshop? cos they only both shared photos of them selves seperately 

Elikem hinted about designing dresses for some clients in Zimbabwe,shared photos of the person and then Pokello also hints at dressing up for a wedding in that gorgeous Valentino dress and of course Pokello is in Zimbabwe na..

If you look at the surroundings,the environment,the chair Pokello was sitting on NO that wasnt photoshop.they were definitely together

And ohhh what do Zim number plates look like again?? Ha! good for them keeping things under wraps this time..guess their wedding is the next destination then!

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