Thursday 4 December 2014

Photo of Ariana Grande Dodging Victoria Secret Model's Angel wings set the internet Agog with Hilarious Memes..

Watch out! Ariana Grande ducks as Elsa Hosk's  wings nearly whacks her in the face during the runway show

So Ariana was among the artistes to perform at the recently held Victoria Secret Fashion show.Ariana alongside acts Ed Sheeran,Taylor Swift and others provided the melody while the Angels strutted their  stuff in bra's and Lingerie some so expensive the could be worth close to 2.5 Million Us Dollars

Goddesses: The models were glittering in gold for the opening part of the show, their honed bodies on full display in the stylish lingerieGoddesses: The models were glittering in gold for the opening part of the show, their honed bodies on full display in the stylish lingerie

Ok! Stop Looking at the "ANGELS" Enough! Back to Ariana lol..well the singer got smacked in the face by one of the Angel's wings.. she kinda acted like it was some mighty metal aiming fir her and she dodged and and ducked and her expression priceless! its become an Internet frenzy with hilarious adaptations and Memes springing up here and there.. 
 see some below..

Scared: The dimunitive star looked fearful, though she carried on singing like a pro while the Victoria's Secret Angel looked back in mirth

Ariana Dodging from Naya Rivera who is her beau Big Sean's Ex

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Mall Santa

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Beyonce Gif
Lol.. Bey wanna slap her..

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, Booty
Ariana dodging from the Booty queens  Jlo and Iggy Azalea

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Kanye West, Taylor Swift
Remember that Famous Taylor Swift Awards speech Kanye went and cut off?

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Miley Cyrus
Oh oh doging from  Miley's you kno what

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Titanic
Titanic or?? 

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Kacey Musgraves Hair

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Haircut
Yea no Haircut here!

Ariana Grande Face Meme, Train Gif

Ariana Grande Face Meme
Jurassic Park even made it on the memes lol..

ariana grande, meme

Ariana Grande Face Meme
Ohhh of cos she had to dodge from all that Kimmy Bootai!

Remember she recently had issues with Bette Midler 

Lol.. When Kim met  Anna Wintour for "that" Vogue cover..

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