Thursday 4 December 2014

French Manicure,some earrings and a Pony tail,Bruce Jenner steps out on shopping trip..

Pampered: Bruce Jenner put his mane on display as he pulled his hair back into a luscious ponytail while shopping in grey and rainy Malibu, California

Bruce has kinda made it obvious he may now want to live as a woman that is be transgender..

But he seems to be talking his time doing that . However ,lately he's been paying attention to his nails and grooming them properly.

He recently stepped out on a shopping trip with what seemed like a good french Manicure,some earrings/studs and a pony tail with his hair all pulled back and something that looked like his wedding band.. 

He may just still be missing Ex wife Kris who has since moved on to a 33 year old toyboy..

New studs: Bruce also sported some diamond earrings as he enjoyed a relaxing day to himself

What nice nails you have! Bruce displayed what looked to be a new French manicure

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