Monday 28 October 2013

Ten Nigerian acts/Hitmakers we miss Where are they now???

Nigerian old school music acts

Yeah Yeah Its Monday again??!! Yea again! and of course a new week.
 No matter what we just have to keep it going right?! yeah thought so..

So this week on our Monday Top Ten Series I said we were going to look at some hitmakers of the past in the Nigerian music terrain.

Before the Wizkids,the Davidos,The Olamides and the Iyanya's there were some people ruling the charts and running things..

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Nigerian music and entertainment in general has greatly evolved over the years,in both positive and negative ways but I personally believe the positive has far outweighed the negatives by large large Margins!

Join me on this reminiscing journey as we look at some of these hits/artistes of the past as we ask the question where are they now?? So Leggo!!


Sunny Nneji hit the Nigerian scene with his blend of highlife and afrosoul,hardly was any wedding complete without his song "ORUKA" or that catchy face me tune(if you face me I face you) or the very "Highlifey"Tolotolo,not forgeting mega Hit "Ikebe" ~This Ikebe go put me for trouble~ lol.. Nostalgia

Sunny Nneji was a hit maker true true churning out hits after hits but he just seemed to go off the scene after trying his hands at an Rnb Album.

Sunny Wherever you are we miss you and want more good hits from you.

2) Azadus

Azadus was always on repeat on AIT,gosh I remember on AIT Jamz Azadus's strong dancehall flavour stood him out, with Hit tracks "You is the one" and "Madam" amongst others. I am sure Azadus himself is still wondering what happened like we all are, he seemed like he had a great career in front of him then things just went well pear shaped and all...hopefully some label would snap him up for a return to the scene


3) Wale Thompson

Wale Thompson tried to go mainstream with his "Hip Juju" blend of music and who doesent remember his monster hit feat the remedies guys..  "lalale Friday"


4) Seyi Shodimu

Love me jeje love Tender proper old school! lol..Anyone who dint rock to this monster hit?! That was like an anthem secondary school things..Takes me way back this song..


5) Remedies/Tony Tetuila

Remedies was the group of the 90s! from their hits "Shade" "Mi o sakomo"  they more than paved the way for the hip hop game that exists today. 

Eedris is still on the scene,Tony also enjoyed tremendous success,but Eddy Remedy dint really lift off with his own music.

With monster hits like  "You don hit my car", "My heart go jigigi" "Omode Meta nsere"  I am sure we all miss tony on the music scene


6)Daddy Fresh

Ghetto-Fab is what Daddy fresh served us.
I am sure you nodded to his music at one time or the other Oya Eleru gberu e! lol..

8)Junior and Pretty

This one is proper throwback ohhhh lol.."Bolanle was a monster hit amongst their other tracks.
However,one  member of the group,
 junior is gone to be with the lord GOD rest his soul.


9)Daddy showkey

Hmmm those days of  Daddy Showkey's Dyna blasting out of our stereos.
Naija is so Talented!

 I remember always watching showkey's dancers and they were so fascinating.

10) Blackky

Blackky is one act who has paid his dues in the industry can we ever forget this mega track Rosie!


There are definitely more past hit makers of the past and this has just been a Random order of the acts we once missed and moved to as I kept researching I just kept hitting on more past hits so couldnt contain this list on a TEN

 So see some more below..

Daniel Wilson- Mr Raggamuffin
Felix Duke - Track Johanna
jazzman Olofin- Raise the Roof
Baba Fryo-Dem go dey pose
Lexxy doo-baby Ske ske
Black reverendz- Anyangba girls
Mr Kool- A man's Cry
Kola Ogunkoya-pemi loruko ko faminirungbon
Slam-Dreaming about you
Nomoreloss iyawo Asiko
Maintain-I catch cold
 Mad mellon and Danfo Drivers
OJB- Pretete
Marvelous Benjy-new Dance
Bigiano- Shayo

I hope you have enjoyed this week's edition plus the more than enough past Nigerian hits I served you.

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