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My Top Ten favourite Fashion Bloggers..

Yay!!! its monday!!!(well that actually meant OMG! why is it Monday already??!! RME) no body can seem to find a solution to the reason why  Monday to Friday is five (5) days and Friday to Monday cannot be same?? its just flies fast! I mean mathematicians should have been able to solve this like in school then there was hardly any equation where we dint have to find X.

That "X" was a freaking problem whoever and whateva you are I hope you have been found like for real lol..

Anyways let me not digress.Today is the third episode of our top ten series we are looking at my top ten fashion bloggers this week. Incase you missed the previous editions please catch up Here! and Here!

So Leggo!

1)Soraya De Carvalho- Blog Styleismything

Soraya is a trendsetter,her style is bold daring and really glamorous..If you are one for the big names  like christian Louboutin,Oscar De la renta,Tom Ford,Carolina Herrera,Virgos Lounge,Valentino,Prada, and the likes then Soraya is your Gurl!

She has been featured in several international fashion spreads, blog and Magazines. Her style is just Dazzling and enchanting and is just "her"

She makes my Top Ten fashion Bloggers list.

2)TounAJ - Blog TounAJ

Toun's style is kinda similar to Soraya's both often embracing big brand names. Toun however doubles as a designer churning put lovely designs for her collection which she shares on the blog..

Shes not afraid to take things up a notch with bold fashion styles and choices. Toun is another very stylish Blogger. Girl "Kills" it Big time..

3) Shirley B Eniang  -BlogMeek n Mild

Shirley's personality is probably what you will fall in love with at first..down to earth with a simple fashion sense.

Shirley dwells more on the simple and subtle side and embraces bargain buys in a you-dont-have-to-empty-the-bank-to-look-good fashion .

Shirley also shares beauty and hair tips and also vlogs through her youtube channel.

4)Jadore Fashion  - Blog  Jadore Fashion



Stella is another stylish sophisticated fashion blogger.Her Fashion style is limitless. Even pregnancy did not stop her from being very trendy and fashionable..




5 Agatha  - Blog IRONY OF ASHI

Poise,elegance,bright beautiful colours are what define her style. shes never afraid to work with colours and mix things up.

agatah redone (2)






With her beauty queen looks Agatha is sure to pull off any outfit.

6) Brenda -Blog Can never be a skinny Bish

Brenda style encompasses the simple little details as well as a mix of African prints.. She promotes embracing your body,structures,flaws and rocking what you feel good in.

photo 17a15da0-ba42-4dd8-b4cd-d50f598861f6_zpsaae8497d.jpg

photo 980d53e8-6fb4-45ba-a906-98628e10a8f0_zpsdaae5a95.jpg

photo a98e8f48-29e2-4b4d-b6f4-8a8c651cf096_zps337d7aba.jpg

7)Emmy Collins  - Blog DiarybyEmmy

Emmy is an internationally acclaimed designer with top stores in the UK,US and around the globe stocking his designs as well as dressing top people in government and entertainment Emmy sure know's his stuff.

Emmy takes it upon himself to critique and analyse most fashion choices of celebrities each week,from red carpet appearances to general photos  .

Emmy adds a bit of humour in his critique of the stars every week, a bit too far sometimes but its still worth a stop by.

8) Style for Curves- Blog Style4curves

Style for curves is for the curvy endowed woman. If you want somewhere to see nice outfits that are trendy at the same time and for the curvier woman..then this is the blog for you!

9)Style Pantry- Blog

Stylepantry channels everyday casuals combined in a perfect way and with a bit of pizzazz plus lots of fashion features and tips.

10)Tomilola escada - Blog StyleLoveletters

Tomilola believes in looking good without breaking the bank.She is very creative with her outfits,recreating styles and outfits to make them unique.Her blog reeks of a very warm and welcoming personality.

*All photos belong to Bloggers featured,I do not own rights to any photos.

Next week I would be looking at my top ten youtube Vloggers. please keep it a date!

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