Monday 21 October 2013

My Top Ten Youtube Vloggers/Channels..

Yayy!! Its another monday!(Why do we have mondays??!!I love Mondays yes! #RME  I so HATE MONDAYS!!   It Just shows that another week just went by and time is just going so fast..

So this week we continue our #TOP TEN SERIES if you missed any of the previous editions,please check them out Here!,Here! and Here!

Youtube is a "Big" deal! 
The entertainment industry to an extent has youtube to thank,premiering music videos,not leaving out people who make their living off youtube. 

So this week I would be sharing with you my Top youtube Channels/Vloggers.  

So Leggo!

1)Toke Makinwa    - Channel: Toke Moments

Toke Makinwa is a very popular Nigerian media personality.

Apart from holding down a good job at a radio station, Toke has branched into most spheres of the media game.
 From presenting gigs,commercials,endorsements et all.. Toke is the ideal model media babe. 

Adding fashionista to the list might be appropriate,as toke often nails it at events and red carpet outings. 

Toke's channel offers a mix of matters of the heart,delivered with of humour and sarcasm to drive home the point. She dishes out videos every Wednesday

2)SisiYemmie- Channel:SisiYemmieTV

SisiYemmie is a lifestyle/beauty blogger with a hint of food recipes and everyday living.

 Her youtube channel offers similar content with crisp video quality (She shoots and edits her own videos) and a wonderful personality to go with.

3) EniBaby 4 - Channel: EniBaby

From lovely makeup,hair,gele tutorials,outfits ideas,product reviews,beauty tips and lots more..

Eni's channel is worth checking out.

4)Patricia Bright - Channel:Patricia Bright

Patricia is a young professional in an interracial marriage.
She's a fashion blogger and she shares fashion tips,hauls,styletipss,beauty and make up tips, as well as loads of moments with her husband.

Patricia and her husband share a very loving relationship,and they share their funny moments, holidays to fun places and lots of other moments.

Her other channel Britpoplife is also worth checking out.

5)ShirleyB Eniang - Channel:ShirleybEniang

Shirley is a fashion blogger and her vlog/channel focuses more on beauty,hair and make up tips with a bit of style looks and lots more..

6)GoldmyneTV - Channel: GoldmyneTV

From celebrity birthday parties to wedding videos,latest Nigerian music video, interviews,nollywood titbits,movie premieres and lots more,Goldmybe is one of the channels to check out..

7)AY Comedian - Channel:AY Comedian

Ay's channel provides snippets of comedy,comedy skits and general entertainment.

8)Yoruba Magic- Channel : Yoruba Magic

If you love Yoruba movies,then Yoruba magic is the deal!
Serving content across both contemporary and classic Yoruba movies.

9)Hip TV - Channel :Hip TV

From exclusive celebrity interviews to music videos and general entertainment gist,Hip TV is a brainchild of one the most popular entertainment empires in Nigeria who also own HipHop World Awards and HiponTV.

10)CokoBar - Channel: Mr Cokobar

Cokobar is an entertainment company responsible for most concerts featuring Nigerian acts in the UK.

Their channel provides concert videos,music,exclusive videos and lots more. 

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks episode and now have more channels to enjoy on Youtube.

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