Friday 10 September 2021

Go Bold Or Go home!!!! Bold Fashion Trends And Colours..

Yes Go bold or go home!! Bright bold colours and trends are in vogue at the minute,the neon,Cobalt,mustard and lots more Jaw dropping trends rocking the fashion world at the moment. We are gonna be having a look at a few..


Leather is soooo in Vogue now seems like a daring trend but it is becoming quite fashionable and an addition to your Wardrobe this season could be good

If you are abit sceptical about leather, then try introducing it bit by bit a small belt, say maybe a bow, then maybe a top then a jacket some pants,then maybe a short Array of choices to rock some leather..

More when you continue..

Neon, Cobalt and Mustard

Neon is so on from about last year and you have to be so bold to even think of rocking neon but comes out nice and pops on a dreary day.. 

Neon colours are bright,girly but to be accessorized with caution,Leave it simple and easy.. 

Colourful Leggings/Sports Gear/Sports Apparel

Sportswear is becoming quite fashionable with so many ladies opting for colourful looks for casual and even official looks..Sports apparel and gear are being incorporated in to everyday fashion lately. bombshell sexy thigh high sock leggings are really becoming a thing with so many colours and designs to choose from.
Bombshell Sportswear is presently stocking loads of colourful options

Cobalt blue 

I love the Cobalt alot due to its soothing qualities,you see someone in cobalt blue and everything just seem at peace and adds a regal look 


Is also daring but so nice when paired properly.. 

Flared Pants 

So in season now are you bold enough to rock them?? 

Can you do Metallics?? 

How about the sheer trend?? 


Who woulda thought it?? that Pink and Orange would ever look so nice together.. 

Those are some of our few Bold trends of the Season which would you be embracing?

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