Friday 24 September 2021

Tips For Shopping For Handmade African Products

While nowadays you can find a variety of handmade African products in the market, not all are really made by hand or ethically compliant, which can leave the purchaser uninspired to purchase anything at all. 

You may ask yourself: How do I know if this product is truly handmade? Can I trust this brand? Are they who they say they are? Do not fret because we will share a few tips to make shopping for handmade African products a lot easier. 

 Slow Purchase 

Whenever shopping for handmade African products, we encourage you to take it slow; first and foremost, get to know the kind of items you seek to purchase, the communities/tribes in Africa that make these specific items, and the material these items are made out of. Whether shopping online or in-person, by doing this, you will gain the confidence to find the exact items you seek and know what questions to ask when need be. 

 Know who you are purchasing from 

If ever unsure of where to start, make sure to read the philosophy page (also known as "about" or "story" page) of every brand site you seek to purchase from. Here is where you will find the brand's essence & foundation; its intentions, virtues, visions, & commitments and lots more..


You can tell a lot about a brand’s reputation through reviews and testimonials from previous customers and collaborators. 

Most of the time, you can find these on the brand's website and social media - often providing insight into the quality of the products, communication between customer and seller, and extra helpful information. 

 Know your artisans 

Usually, if the brand is honest, integral, and honorable, they will likely introduce their craftsmen(women included) & artisans in their social media handles. Scroll your way through and get to know them! 

Handmade or Machine-made 

You can tell if a product is handmade by verifying the artisans of each product by checking in the description box or inquiring directly via email/private message. Remember, machine-made product brands are usually marketed by and advertised in mainstream media(television, ads, radio, celebrities) - so perhaps turn away from these altogether. 

Let love be your Guide 

Brands that market themselves as "handmade" are most attractive to customers simply because it symbolizes their products are made out of love and care.
This inspires shoppers to be more intentional with their purchases when buying for themselves or loved ones. When shopping for handmade African products, follow the tips mentioned above, and let love guide your ethical shopping spree! 


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