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My Top Ten Underrated Nollywood actresses..

About two weeks back I looked at my top 10 underatted actors. incase you missed that please read that Here! I apologize for not bringing the sequel last week would try to update on the top ten series every monday.

Ok this week am looking at top actresses that I think Nollywood is not giving alot of credit. Its a mix of the upcomimg as well am just trying to say y'all deserve more so leggo!


Bimbo Akintola is so underrated its unbelievable how much Nollywood is wasting alot of talent and they keep recycling.

Bimbo is a versatile actress and should be given more roles I believe.


Nse is another lovely lovely actress but we are not seeing enough of her..I dont think we have even scratched the surface of this girl'sTalent. Nollywood its time to for this stereotyping to end where one particular person has her name attached to a particular character for every script

Nse is fresh,bubbly and fantastic! plus she rocks her natural hair..


I know Lydia is Ghanaian but Nollywood and Ghollywood are more like family now so she still fits my list.

Lydia is a big bubbly girl she carries her self with so much poise and her craft is undeniable.Lydia is one of my favorite actresses at the moment and she is also very underutilized. 

Lydia also embraces her natural hair..


Keira Hewatch may still be  a bit new in the Industry but she is as good as it gets with blockbuster films like two brides and a baby and top series like "Disclosure" and "Lekki Wives" under her belt Nollywood you better pay attention!


Dunno if its motherhood or just the stress of combining a home that keeps this woman away from our screens alot of the time. Here's hoping Nollywood would feature her more shes been in the industry for quite  a long time I think she should be given more prominence.


Since winning AMBO we haven't really heard much about Bhaira, she hasn't really hit the big mainstream and I think she is a fantastic actress.


Bimpe was really believable on Mnet's soap Tinsel I know she has done a few films since Tinsel.But I want More! I want to see her in more films..Nollywood Take Note!


Uche Mac-auley .

Uche now known as Uche Mac-Auley I remember from the Iconic movie Thunderbolt,shes gone on to do other films but we havent really seen much from her. She's an Actress with so much depth hopefully she can begin to do more recent movies..


I had seen funmi in some films before her bagging that big role on African soap Tinsel,but it just seems Nollywood has just shunned this Pretty Lady,she is a very good actress in her own right and I really want to see her in more movies


With an AMAA most promising actress Award and big budget films under her belt Ivie seems like she should be taking over Nollywood big time..Her capabilities are in bounds  Nollywood use it!

Nollywood there are enough new faces with top notch talent to be utilized,we don't want the recycling please use the pool of talent that you have and give us some lovely variety.

I hope you have enjoyed our second top Ten series.Next week I will be sharing my Top Ten Fashion Bloggers 
please keep it a date! x

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