Saturday 7 October 2023

When Money & Business Became Childs Play!

 Well,we say money isn't childsplay,and should not be joked with or about,as well as business and the business of making money,keeping it,investing it or turning it around.

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The folks @'s Money games however disagree.we often make the issue of money so bogus,almost taboo like only to be discussed with experts or people with big degrees or certifications..

Knowledge and certifications are indeed important but not everyone will have that access or wherewithal to gain such knowledge from classrooms, seminars or universities..

Sites,blogs and pages on social media are creating simplified versions and resources basically about anything these days!

 YouTube alone has thousands of channels teaching and sharing information,tips,todo's,howto's on visually every topic you can think of

 From music to beauty,finance,fashion,hair,DIY and virtually anything topic whatsoever!

Like the folks @ culinary schools who simplified so many cooking technologies and chef classes, is also doing similar work with making business knowledge and money into games,an easier and much more fun way to learn..

There are tons of games to teach basic business maths or arithmetics,counting money,Bitcoin,play around real estate,Lego money games as well as several simulation business scenarios that can be played around with.

The idle money tree game tries to replicate investments and earning bonuses and how to multiply your earnings

The treze coins game helps kids  who love to count,adding subtracting,learning several country's currencies and denominations..

Cash back and ground cashier are also some interesting game choices available on offer.

A quick browse of the menu  will also give you access to more financial information on mortgages,financing,affordability,rates and lots more..

As with all games online,moderation and parental monitoring is adviced!


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