Tuesday 17 October 2023

Your Blazer Style Fix!

Sometimes all an outfit needs to step up a notch is a Blazer!

So,what does your blazer say about you or your style?

Blazers are bang on trend almost everytime,and can be repurposed as the seasons go along from summer - winter.
  For winter season,its an opportunity to cover up and still look trendy.

The blazer can be all the difference between an outfit being dressed up and dressed down..

Velvet Blazer

Trendy Blazer looks

Blazers can be worn in a variety of bright and pop out colours.

They do not have to be dull and deary.
 Using your blazer as the pop out colour in your ensemble can make all the difference. 

How to pair them is entirely to suit an individual's style,preference, skin 
tone,body shape,and your fashion taste.

There's more!


Blazers often give the body a lovely fitting that somewhat makes you look official,yet still trendy and delightful to the eyes!

Trendy Blazer looks

Linen blazer

How to style your blazer 2023

With lots of designs to choose from, a blazer should definitely be a staple in your wardrobe. 

Easy to strap on,and strip off for different looks.

Trendy Blazer looks

Blazers for workwear

You can pair your blazers with gowns,your jeans,leggings, Jeggings,skirts,and even shorts(with lovely tops or camisoles)

How to style your blazer

How to style your blazer 2023

Trendy Blazer looks

Blazers can serve work wear outfits,casual looks,party looks and even red carpet looks simply by your styling!

A simple opening of the button could be all the difference between converting your work wear into one fit for an evening date or outing.

Blazers come in different fabrics, denim,velvet and lots of other fabrics.

We however recommend durable and long lasting fabrics,especially the one buttoned blazer.

A one buttoned Blazer in durable fabric can last years and years and years!

 But as with everything in life,it's all about preference, all about choice and what suits you!

One buttoned Blazer look

Colourful Blazer looks

How to style your blazer 2023

If you are looking to achieve an androgynous look, blazers are another way to pull that off without being over the top..

How to style your blazer 2023

Blazer on pants styling

How to style your blazer 2023

Trendy Blazer looks

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