Tuesday 27 August 2019

Loudermilk: Comedy With Depth!

Netflix isn’t the only provider to push out its own content with smash-hit shows.

Providers like AT&T Audience Network are putting together series in a range of genres that are drawing in audiences and garnering attention.

 Successful talent management agents and executive producers like David Guillod are helping them out with shows like Loudermilk.

In the series Loudermilk, Ron Livingston plays a chronically cranky substance abuse counselor in this AT&T original, which is now in its third season.
 Livingston’s character, Sam Loudermilk, captures the loveable screw-up role well. But what at first glance seems like a dry drunk actually develops into a deeper storyline with more character development.

Just like everyone else, it turns out Loudermilk is more complex than originally perceived.

Loudermilk comedy series

Character Development
Sam Loudermilk seems to accomplish little more than insulting everyone with whom he comes into contact. This frequently results in laughs for those who aren’t on the receiving end of his jabs. 
Somehow, though, those under his “care” often tend to make gains in their recovery. How is this possible?

Initially, it seems clear that Loudermilk is a dry drunk. He may have quit drinking, but he didn’t deal with any of the underlying issues and character defects outside of his addiction. In the midst of insults and faux pas, however, he speaks hard truths for those who are paying attention, which give us deeper insight into his character. 
 One of the best is, “Hurting yourself is easy. Living is hard.”

Loudermilk AT&T original comedy series

The Plot Thickens
In one of the episodes, Loudermilk has a run-in with his father who is a philandering alcoholic. This episode provides perspective into Loudermilk’s childhood and how he came to be who he is. It also reinforces the fact that addiction and unhealthy family dynamics sometimes leave repeating legacies.

If you’re looking for a comedy that also delivers thoughtful storylines and depth, check out Loudermilk.


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