Friday 5 July 2019

Photos from media personality Maria Okan's baby shower..

Maria Okan pregnant for Olamide

Maria Okanrende has had a rough few days in the press..

That would be normal for a media personality right?? but that wouldn't  be the case for Maria.

She is evidently pregnant and it's being rumoured to be rapper Olamide's baby.

According reports Olamide and Maria had a sexual encounter,she got pregnant,requested for some cash to "take care of it",then relocated to the UK and decided to keep her baby..

Maria Okan pregnant for Olamide

Maria is reportedly 8 months pregnant and she recently had a baby shower..

Maria Okan baby shower photos

Maria Okan baby shower photos

Olamide on the other hand recently welcomed a second son with his long term partner Aisha.. 

Maria Okan Olamide baby mama

 Peace to you too Maria,Peace to you!

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