Thursday 14 March 2019

Five Reasons To Buy Used Designer Goods Online!

Shopping consignment is not what you think it is. 

It’s not second-hand shopping in the way it might have seemed to you previously..

While some people might assume it means you cannot afford nice things, consignment shopping on The Real Real is the polar opposite. 

The Real Real offers high-end designer items from home goods to designer shoes to designer handbags to everything in between. These are previously owned items that are being sold for a fraction of the original price, and there are several reasons you might want to consider shopping consignment from now on. 

Let's share a few with you..

You Save Money 

Imagine that Gucci bag you’ve been eyeing for months. It costs $2,500 at Gucci, but you might be able to find the same bag on a consignment shop site for $1,800! You get to buy your favorite designer items for much less than the actual retail price.

 The best part is that you are saving money buying authentic items, too, when you shop at a reputable consignment shop. 

You Get High-Quality Items 

When you shop consignment, you know the items you are buying are in excellent condition. 

If they are not in excellent condition, the description will tell you if it’s in good condition or okay condition. Most consignment shops won’t sell you anything that’s less than good, and they will share exactly what is not perfect about the item in question. This helps you ensure you’re getting a quality item for your money. 

More when you continue...

It’s Good for the Environment 

Did you know that most people throw away their items when they are done with them? It’s easier and more efficient for men and women to bag it, throw it away, and never think about it again.

 Taking items to donate is too much work for many people who simply don’t have time for another stop. When you buy consignment, however, you encourage people to put their items up for sale rather than toss them. They are making a buck, so they are more likely to sell more items in the future than they are to throw them away. 

You Get More for Your Money 

When you buy things on Real Real and other consignment locations, you get more for your money. You get to spend less money on things, but you get to buy more things in return. For example, you have $1,000 to spend on something you love. You can go to your favorite luxury boutique and buy the item you want for full price and have nothing else to show for it, or you can buy it online for a fraction of the price and get a little something else to go with it. 

You Can Make Money, Too 

If you love to buy things when they are on sale at a consignment boutique, why not sell things you have at home? Now you’re saving money on things you love, and you’re making money on things you once loved. It’s a win-win situation for most people. You can sell the designer items you no longer want to make a little bit of money to put toward the items you do want, which always feels more like a win than just spending your own money. 

Shopping for designer items on consignment is a great way to support men and women like yourself. 

They are looking to unload things they no longer use or want to make money, and you’re getting things you want that are slightly loved and less than what you would need to spend in the store. It’s a cycle that benefits everyone, and it’s one you’ll quickly fall in love with.


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