Saturday 29 April 2017

Actress Kemi Lala Akindoju reveals what she really wants in a man!

Delectable screen goddess fondly referred to as Kemi Lala, in a recent interview with Saturday Beats reveals what she really wants in a man.. 

Kemi Lala Akindoju

She said, “I am not in a relationship at the moment but all I am looking for in a man is friendship. I have to be able to have a conversation with you for at least an hour and not be bored. You have to make me laugh, the man must be intelligent and I have to look up to him intellectually. The man must love my career. If he hates what I do, there would be a problem, he has to allow me be who he met. I don’t believe in stereotypes of height and looks. If he is a good person, I am alright.”

She added that being an actress has never affected her relationship. She said, “Being an actress has not affected my love life because I could have been a doctor, pilot or in any 

or in any other profession that would make me work round the clock and that can be a problem. I think because of the way the world is getting now and value systems are changing, everybody is on social media, it is harder to maintain relationships generally in life. There are a lot of marriages breaking up and they are not actors or actresses.”

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Known for her role in the movie, ‘Dazzling Mirage,’ by the legendary film maker, Tunde Kilani, she said that working with TK was one of the best moments of her career.

“Working with Tunde Kilani was amazing and it is still one of the best experiences in my career. We worked on that project for three years. It was my first leading role in a feature film and whenever I watch the movie, I still see the baby actor there but I am mature now. Tunde Kilani took a chance with me by casting me in a leading role. He saw promise and talent in me; he did not see an actress that people would run to the cinema to see because people did not know me as of then. 

I had done mostly stage plays at the time but I am sure he saw passion and determination. Since when he was shooting his movie, ‘Maami,’ I had been going to meet him that I wanted to work for him but he did not have anything for me. The film is based on a novel and when he saw me, he asked if I could play the role and I jumped at it.

“I was scared when I got the role and the pressure was much. I played a role that was real which was that of someone living with sickle cell. If I did not play the part well, people living with the disorder could watch it and easily send me an email stating that it was bad representation. 

I had two friends living with sickle cell and they were like my resource people. I read a lot but my friends really helped me,” Lala said.


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