Thursday 9 March 2017

#BBNaija UPDATE #BBWedding ;Photos and Video Efe and Marvis wed in traditional Nigerian wedding in the big Brother Naija house

After being voted for by the fans to be the couple to have a wedding in the house,Efe and Marvis had a traditional wedding which has now had fans clamouring  for them to  indeed become a real life couple as they exude alot of natural chemistry.

With support from Heritage bank the housemates dressed in outfits that depicted the Hausa,Fulani,Ibo,TIV,Efik,Ibo cultures of Nigeria,promoting the Unity,Heritage and deep culture of a  great nation like Nigeria.

The Housemates had to play different characters Bisola and TTT playing as the parents of the bride,Efe and Marvis as the bride and  groom,Bally as Father of the groom,Tboss as the caterer and decorator,Bassey as the Mc and Debie Rise as the entertainer.

Efe who had to Identify his bride blindfolded  and he did not fail as he accurately chose which was his bride's hands even with a blindfold!

Here's a longer video of the traditional wedding below

Reception photos..


At the end of the Party Big Brother announced that the Housemates had  won their wager for this week!

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