Friday 18 March 2016

WoW! check out Actress Melissa McCarthy's Amazing weight loss!

The Actress Famous for playing mostly comedic roles used to look like this...

Before the diet: In a purple dress at the Emmy Awards in 2011

But this is what she looks like now..

The Actress Attributes her new look to a boring new lifestyle change which she implemented which includes cutting out junk food

Smaller now: Melissa McCarthy revealed during a press conference for The Boss that she is now a size 14 after losing 50 pounds; here she is seen in 2010 (left) and in January (right)

No more burger and fries: The comedienne told Extra that she has gotten slender thanks to a 'super boring life.' That means no more junk food; here she is seen in JanuaryShe made this dress: Even though McCarthy has been making movie after movie while taking care of her two kids, she is still playing close attention to her clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Collection. 'It’s going great!' the Ghostbusters star told reporters

Melissa who also has a clothing line has also been  working on her new movie in collaboration with her husband Ben Falcone.
 #TheBoss is now set  for an April 2016 release.


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