Saturday 26 March 2016

Photos;Rob Kardashian and love Blac Chyna hang out in a strip club..

I dont get their love I mean does anybody get these two?! No body would have imagined they would get together but to think of a couple hanging out in a strip club is totally another kettle of fish I mean isnt that a gentleman's club?? 

But reports indicate the two did step into the club to celebrate a former stripper friend of Blac, Jessica Dime also joined the party. Well as Blac is a former stripper guess she still kept her circle of friends..

Only one girl for him: Rob Kardashian, 29, only had eyes for Blac Chyna, 27, as the pair cosied up for a picture inside the Crazy Horse Saloon in Atlanta on Friday

Jessica Dime in gold flanked by Blac Chyna and another friend who was celebrating her birthday.

 And that is one risque Outfit Blac is rocking!

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