Friday 5 June 2015

Chris Brown Vs Karrueche Tran;Meet up escalates into huge fight+video of Chris forcing his way into her car

Chris to Kae; Hello Kae,Hi,Hello,Hi,Hello
Kae;Blanks him totally!!!!! hahahaha..

Its no news that these two had a very tumultuous relationship before Karrueche up and quit after she heard the news online infact that her beau Chris had fathered a child with another woman whom she even knew.

Well Chris has been tying to woo her back for months without any luck and something happened last night when they both kinda met up On Thursday night, the pair arrived at Playhouse club on Hollywood Blvd. separately Brown drove up in a silver Lamborghini but left together with a group of others in a black SUV.

According to multiple media reports,Chris and Karrueche Tran  fought inside Playhouse Nightclub on yesterday,it reportedly began when Breezy showed up at a party his ex-lady was attending and of cos a fight ensued.

Then afterwards Chris tried to squeeze himself into Karrueche's SUV(See video below)

In the video, Chris and Karrueche barely interact as they head out of the club with their respective entourages Chris then pushed his way right past all her pals and into the backseat!

It’s pretty clear in the clip that Kae’s friends are trying their best to keep Chris out, but he doesn’t even seem to give it a second thought. Instead, the 26-year-old squeezes right in alongside his ex and her friends. 

Karrueche didn’t let Chris get that far though she dropped him and his friends off but Breezy wasn’t letting up. He actually headed to the 27-year-old’s house at 3:30 am and began banging on the door, and her neighbors eventually called the cops!

TMZ reports the R&B bad boy showed up to his former flame's house at around 3 a.m. after she kicked him out of her SUV and banged and yelled for her to open up.

Brown, 26, caused such a racket that Tran's neighbors called the cops, the site said.

Tran eventually left her pad and headed to a nearby diner, where Brown showed up a short while later.

The two got in a shouting match before Tran left solo.

Right when Chris forced himself into the car,Kae's friends are like Dude what u on about?!

Sorry Chris! Treat a woman good dont wait till she's scorned and her mind's made up!

Video of Chris forcing his way into Karruceh's car below..


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