Friday 27 December 2013

Joy Isi Bewaji hits a nerve;Compares Linda Ikeji to Stella Dimokokorkus,Calls Stella Sagging Tits..

Joy is an author,publicist and presenter. She does love controversy,dwells in it,revels in it infact her Facebook wall is often times full of heated debates.

The other time she openly accused  Makosi on twitter about stealing her book, but this time she hit delicate stuff comparing two popular bloggers Linda and Stella.

Joy Isi Bewaji
Joy Isi Bewaji

See her write up below..

"Like a woman stunned by her own lack of sophistication- even with all the necessary materials and resources at her disposal, she is unable to achieve finesse and that… je ne sais quoi; so is Stella Dimoko-korkus who reigns as ratchet queen of gossip.

Whilst Linda Ikeji was modelling and trying to figure out what form and shape her blog should take; before she made her first naira, Stella had been in the gossip scene. She had her own rather popular column in Encomium magazine- grumpy, grimy and cantankerous; she fed the people with mostly half-truths.

Linda, however, redefined what gossip is today in the Nigerian scene; and sincerely, stole all the business and followership from Stella who is headstrong in running her blog like a market rumble, where fish sellers and ogogoro buyers meet to rant and laugh incoherently over insignificant issues, hoping to give weight to nothing. Stella has built her empire on poor research and fact-finding; like a beer parlour under the tree she helps her “friends” solve their, again, insignificant fights without any prior knowledge or interest on how to get the truth.

For Linda, blogging is big business- yes, like over a hundred other gossip blogs that spring up every day, they all mostly share the same content; but Linda’s success is in her packaging and the effort she makes to be impartial, to be decent, and give analytical approach to her work. Her blog is like upwardly mobile women getting together to gist about sundry issues over drinks; dressed chicly with restraint on the direction of the conversation.

By known fact, Linda- if she has personal details of the people involved, clarifies most of her  stories before hitting the send button on her blog. If a story sounds incredulous, she would make the effort to get more details or at least, share her doubts of the authenticity of the story at the end of the piece. Even with all the money she has accrued through advertisements on her blog, Linda runs her show with empathy and a sense of responsibility, careful not to spill the milk because she is aware she can’t gather the contents back.

Linda’s blog is swimming with advertisements, and although Stella had claimed once that she does not need advertisement money to run her blog, which is rather comical when you give it a thought; she enjoys the gossip life way too much to ever turn it into something sensible enough that can take care of bills (yea, we believe her!).

The Presidency reads Linda Ikeji’s blog; important personalities like Toyin Saraki (a woman of warmth, tact and grace) reads Linda Ikeji’s blog.

Linda has become a force, a movement of some sort. Through her platform she has won many awards, visited many cities abroad, invited to give important speeches, built a powerful network that can sustain her and her children’s children.

It is in the packaging; it is not what you say but how you say it.

A few days ago, Linda had the list of wealthy celebrities on her blog, and in a minute the post was down. It takes a blogger with a conscience and common sense to do that. Maybe she had discovered a flaw in the report, maybe there were unscrupulous facts tied to the initial report; she did the right thing- yanked the story off.

The two blogs, as different as can be, still have their crowd. Stella Dimoko-korkus’ crowd aspire to nothing, they just want raw entertainment, like porn, that they can wank to; for Linda, her crowd, like readers of successful glossy magazines, aspire to be something- they have dreams and goals and a future to look forward to.

Linda’s blog continues to evolve; Stella’s blog sits like stagnant water, reeking of morbid disease.

Like apples and scorched cashew nuts, what will you have?"

And my oh my did Stella's readers react!

You can see Stella's reaction plus her readers' reaction Here!

Then gist doesnt end there ohhh  (Rubs palms)Joy still went on twitter to rant see her tweets.. (I can bet those tweets may be down in 24hours Joy be doing things like that)


  1. Mumu @ it peak... Ugly duckling

  2. How can she critique the blog if she's never been there to read it?

    1. I really wonder too if you don not visit both blogs how can you then know the readers and how things operate on both blogs..

  3. She's a fool, a big old fool! You can tell she isn't happy with her life. Mumu, grow up!


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