Monday 9 September 2013

My Top Ten Most Underrated Nollywood Actors..

Nollywood is Nigeria's film Industry,supossedly the 2nd or 3rd  largest producer of films in the world!

Nollywood churns out a lot of movies I mean alooooooooooot! I mean there was a time I wrote down a list of  movies that were to be released in a week and that I would watch them but I couldn't just keep up because the next week another set of maybe another 30 were again released into the market.

 I guess I have accepted that I cannot catch up with every Nollywood Film. :(

Not to digress, I have noticed some fantastic actors whom in my opinion have been very underrated in terms of their craft and mainstream acceptance..

And ermmm in the light of "Lists" causing problems these days I do not mean any disrespect,I am just simply saying you all deserve more for your craft!

 So Leggo!


Bimbo is a veteran, a fantastic actor in all rights!  I am not sure if its is a personal decision of his to appear in few productions but I do not think he is given all the prominence that he deserves. Bimbo is one of the actors I want to see more of. 


I still remember sam Dede from the Movie "Issakaba" I wasnt so bothered when the movie had about 4 parts.. I wanted to watch it all..

Sam Dede came from a lecturing Background into Nollywood,which he has reportedly returned to.. 
He is one of the greats and I believe he deserves much more credit.


I havent seen alot of Gbenga Richards in Movies,I know he's been in a couple of series like mirror in the sun, and lots of movies,but it seems his capacity is very much under utilized. I hope Nollywood can take note and utilize more actors stop with the recycling already!.


I first  noticed Femi's work on the soap "Domino" and I was looking forward to very big things for him,but he seems to have just been stereotyped into acting loverboy in most Yoruba films..
 I sincerely think his talent is largely underrated.


Kalu I also noticed his craft from series' like Domino,Tinsel and the likes.
I don't think he has been "mainstreamlised" 
Dear Nollywood stop underestimating your talents

6) OC Ukeje

I remember watching one of his very first movies "White Waters" he acted alongside Rita Dominic, not sure if his performance was excellent or maybe I just cant remember but I think OC definately has talent and should be working working working!

7) Rykardo Agbor

Rykardo Agbor is so so Underrated its beyond belief! Am I being biased ermm... maybe a bit.

Rykardo is one of my fave actors and I think he has also been under Utilized.

Rykardo can virtually act any role, he even gave a stellar performance in a Yoruba movie I once watched and I do not think Rykardo is Yoruba which just shows his commitment to his craft. 

8) Gideon Okeke

Its been over six years since Gideon warmed his way into our hearts after appearing on Big Brother Nigeria.

He has metamorphosed into a model,presenter and a fine actor.

I really want to see more of Gideon in whatever entertainment capacity, mostly  acting though.. 
Adding to the fact Gideon is on some serious eye candy levels so Nollywood lets not waste all this talent.


Oh my! Odunlade am not sure should entirely be on this list per se, he is popular in the Yoruba Genre. He takes on every role with a lot of commitment and finesse, but I hope the english sector can recognize his talent which abounds in layers and layers of artistic value. 


Since winning AMBO, I was really excited for Wole's career to blow up big! I am not sure if that has happened or if I have missed it!

I believe producers should look more at Wole's way, he's definitely a talent.

So do you agree with my list?? or do you believe some people should or shouldn't be on here?? please  let me hear from you ..

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