Monday 5 April 2021

Electric Cars,Charging Points, And Saving The Environment!!

The world is surely moving fast and advancing at a pace that is astronomical!

With advanced improvements in technology,changes in climate and eco friendly pronouncements,it is estimated that a huge chunk of the world's population would be switching to electric cars in the nearest future!

Electric vehicles may be a little strain on the pocket,but a soothing effect for the environment with less carbon footprint,gas emissions and less reliance on crude oil.

Ams Solutions Electric Cars Charging points installations UK

Most vehicle companies probably already have a prototype for their electric vehicles ready to launch or are even in the very final stages of launching their electric vehicle merchandise.

As more individuals make the move to an electric vehicle, the demands for on-the job charging points is also on the rise.

Electric Cars Charging point

So why should employers provide on the job charging points for employees?

AMS Solutions, pioneer of Electric vehicle charging points installations around the UK,shares some reasons you should install an EV charging point..

- It’s a convenient way of charging for your employees while they’re at work,increasing their proctivity in the long run.

- Electric cars are much better for the environment and having a dedicated charging port at the workplace may encourage employees to consider switching their car.

- As more electric vehicles are on the road, it will become an important part of your workplace facilities for both employees and visitors.
-The UK Government through its Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant currently available to businesses, organisations, charities, and workplaces is available  to provide additional support so that it’s financially viable for a business to install an electric vehicle charging point. This works out at a maximum of £350 per socket with a 25% discount on the cost of installation up to a total of 20 sockets. Terms and conditions state that these must be
installed on dedicated off-street parking for staff, so it can be used by staff, visitors, or for the company fleet of vehicles

So why not do right by your employees and the environment by deciding today to have an electric vehicle installed on your premises?

AMS Solutions pride themselves as the best in helping to find the right EV charging solution, including every step from full turnkey solutions to site surveys, groundworks, installation, and commissioning so that you can power your car and your entire workforce electronically with ease!

Ams Solutions Electric Cars Charging points installations UK

AMS Solutions boasts of some of the best hands and safest services available, ensuring to look out for what’s important to you.

 Their core values are being able to help people and their businesses succeed, and are looking towards a better tomorrow by helping companies to take a more environmentally-friendly approach to power consumption.

Communication is another core value at AMS Solutions, they move ahead with a confident understanding of what is expected, 

More importantly,they always deliver!


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