Wednesday 27 September 2017

Watch;Wendy Williams flashes wedding Ring as she addresses husband's cheating allegations on her show..

A few days ago Dailymail broke the exclusive story on celebrated TV host Wendy Williams' husband's cheating.

According to their investigation which they claim has spanned over a year,Wendy's husband Kevin Hunter has been leading a secret double life, carrying on an affair with a 32-year-old massage therapist he moved into a $765,000 house just nine miles away from NJ mansion he shares with her.

Wendy Williams' husband Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson cheating scandal
Wendy,flanked by her husband Kevin and their son..

   Kevin  46,has reportedly been having a 10-year long affair with Sharina Hudson, 32 
Hunter, who married 53-year-old Williams in 1997, splits his time between the New Jersey home he shares with the TV host and the home where Hudson lives

Hunter recently moved Sharina from his 2-bedroom condo in Ft. Lee to the secluded home in Morristown

The father-of-one is said to be 'in love' with both women and moved the massage therapist into a $765,000 house nine miles away from his family home

Hudson has been seen wearing a large diamond on her engagement ring finger
The secret couple was spotted together just days after Hunter was pictured in Barbados with Williams, splashing about in the ocean

View Dailymail's reportage of the story plus pictures Here!

 However Wendy who is used to dealing with other celebrity issues on her show segment hot topics had to become one herself as she addressed the story saying..Its weird doing hot topics and being a hot topic,In a weird kind of way I love the attention,Its a weird story going on around the internet about my husband,You just need to google him and you would see the story,you can believe what you want, she then flashes her ring saying I stand by my guy.

We commuted this morning,the Pappz where there, they caught me in the cutest negligee, All is well in Hunterville.Dont believe the hype if there was hype I would let you know...

Watch below...

Williams, 53, caught Hunter cheating in 2001 after the birth of their son, but in speaking about it publicly she said it made their relationship stronger

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