Wednesday 15 February 2017

Photos and Video;Nigerian man breaks down on The Jeremy Kyle Show after DNA results show 32 year old son isnt HIS!

The Jeremy Kyle show is basically chaotic ,Family members feuding,someone on drugs and the most prominent issues brought on there are DNA disputes.

This particular episode of the UK based show has been trending on this side of the divide well obviously because the family featured are Nigerians.

 The Nigerian Father, Oscar received some bad news on the show after learning the son whom he had cared for and raised for 32 years wasnt his own biological son!

The son, Valentine had brought his father, Oscar on the show, after being told a month ago by his mum that the man who had raised him may infact not be his dad. 

Well she was right!

Oscar  was said to have brought Valentine to England from Nigeria and put him through school.

The show's host Jeremy did a DNA test on the two men to find out the truth and well the truth hurt really bad as it was simply heartbreaking for the two men 

Watch below..

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