Tuesday 23 August 2016

Photospeak;When Former Fist Lady Patience Jonathan and Minister of Transport RotimI Ameachi exchanged smiles..

You might be wondering why these two smiling at each other would mean something..BUT of course it is newsworthy as these two were virtually sworn enemies as the battle for Rivers state governorship raged on and their  prospective candidates were on opposite sides.

Ameachi who was a former Rivers Governor was often referred to  as a traitor who sold out his Nigerdelta people and joined an opposition party that moved Goodluck Jonathan out of office.

 So when they were pictured at the funeral mass of Former Minister of Foreign Affairs  Madueke  in Abia state last Saturday smiling and being cordial it warmed hearts that these two maybe on the step to reconciliation.

Guess what they say is indeed true that there's no permanent enemy in politics!

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