Wednesday 31 January 2024

Fashion trends;Tulle Skirts Anyone??

Virtually every fashion and style blogger has the tulle skirt or has done a post on it.

So what makes the Tulle skirt tick you might ask??

Tulle materials

Soraya styleismything in Tulle skirt

Soraya styleismything in Tulle skirt

Soraya styleismything in Tulle skirt

TounAJ Fashion and style looks latest

TounAJ fashion and style photos

The Tulle skirt gives a fun, free,girly vibe.

Its flirty, you feel alive, younger, almost in cinderella ish way...

The Tulle material itself is quite delicate and should be handled with utmost care for the best outlook and results.

It might take you ages to dryclean or even iron but its kinda worth the effort.

Its dramatic enough and you only need something simple on top, mostly fitted and some plain simple heels and just let the skirt do all the work for you!

 For ladies who are not too "endowed" behind, this skirt gives you alot of room to play with giving you the fullness.(no need for bbl 😀🤷‍♀️)

TounAJ Tulle skirt

TounAJ tulle looks


Fashion skirts

An overall fun look any day,we think everyone should have at least one tulle skirt in their wardrobe.. 

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