Monday 7 April 2014

Shallie'sPurpleBeehive Food; Edible Maggots!

Errmmm really??!! Just got this off former Nigeria Info presenter Matse's new food website Matse Cooks!

My first thought was yuck why would people wanna eat Maggots??!! but from the comments its seems really popular around Sapele,Ijaw people of Delta state Nigeria.. It is reportedly called "Meatie" or "Miti" and its actually quite expensive!

More when you continue..


Matse's Recipe

- Living fresh maggots
- Salt to taste.
- Blended dried pepper (optional)
- Skewer or sharp bamboo stick


* Wash maggots
* Attach them to a skewer.
* Rub with a little salt and sprinkle with some pepper if you wish
* Place over grill for a few minutes and then turn over to the other side to cook evenly.

Serve with kpokpo garri and palm wine. You can garnish with vegetables as I did in the picture.

So would you be trying Edible Maggots?? 

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