Wednesday 23 April 2014

Sauce Kid (Sinzu) and Godwon's Mugshots surface online!

SauceKid Mugshot

OMG is that Really Saucekid AKA Sinzu ..waohhh...the  African-American Rapper was labelled the suspect in a debit card fraud of $300 and seems to have been arrested December last year for forgery of Financial document and  unlawful possession of weapon by the Collins County Sherriff' office but was apparently released.

Now he is being accused of carrying out a debit fraud on an ATM machine which was caught on a surveillance camera which he has since denied  but fellow rapper GOdwon wont have any of it! He insists Sinzu is deffo the one in the surveillance video. Godwon himself was also previously arrested in 2009.. Come to equity with clean hands Godwon!

See below..

O to the M to the G!!

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