Saturday 19 April 2014

Muma Gee and Prince Eke welcome Twins..

The Singer and her actor beau have just welcomed twins! a girl and  boy..I would say I am personally happy for muma..I remember on the celebrity edition of Gulder ultimate search actress Chioma Apotha rubbished Muma rubbed it in her face that she was old and wasnt married and that she was and already had two children..

But you see how GOD works..he blessed Muma with 2 at a go he even did it well and gave her both sexes and he already even gave her her own husband too..a single guy..with no stories of husband snatching and all ohh..

Moral of the story never look down on people because of where they are,because you can always be overtaken.Life is a ladder it can reach towards the top and the bottom as well.

Big Congratulations MUMA GOD has done it for you!

Enjoy one of videos below..

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