Monday 4 November 2013

Top Ten Nigerian Food Bloggers #NigerianFood

Yayy!! Monday is here!! and we continue on our #Top ten series; we count down on various topics every monday  incase you missed previous editions please see them Here!,Here!,Here!,Here!, &Here!

We Africans.we Nigerians love our food! and of course we have very very rich natural produce,crops and delicacies that give us that hearty feeling. We eat good food and our heart rejoices lol..

So this week I would be sharing my Fave Top Ten Food bloggers so Leggo

1) Dobbys Signature - Blog

Dobby's Blog serves a mix of African delicacies as well as tips on making your own African drinks and meals and healthier versions of dishes.

With Jaw dropping and eye popping Photos that make you want to rush home and follow the recipes to create something as fantastic Dobby's blog is one to visit.

2) 9JAFOODIE - Blog

Efo Elewuro_9jafoodie

Asun_Smoked goat in plantain_9jafoodie

9jafoodie is all about creativity I mean who would have thought it plantain bowls(in picture 2 above)

Eye Popping recipes with detailed recipes is what 9jafoodie serves you+Health and diet tips too.
Head over there and let your Inner chef burst out in full delight!

3)Lohi's Creations - Blog :

Lohi presently works as a private chef who works around the world but still creates time to explore Nigerian food with a fusion of international flavours.

With a strong photography background Lohi's Blog is set to keep you captivated.

4)Afrolems - Blog

grilled fish and vegetables

nigerian rice and beef stew recipe

akara recipe nigerian bean cake

Afrolems is another one of my favourite food bloggers with everyday recipes that you could easily adapt to or make better ,as well food experiences from around the world be sure to check out her space.

5)1Q Food Platter -

For recipes and cooking tips from Nigeria,Africa and around the world.This is another blog to visit.

6) AllNigerianrecipes - Blog

nigerian suya


puff puff

Recipes on this blog is often accompanied with videos,you can rely on visuals to get your recipes right to a T! follow the link from the blog or simply search for "allnigerianrecipes" on Youtube.

7)Dooney's Kitchen - Blog

Can we ever get tired of good food?? here's another fantastic blog to check out.

8) Wives Connection     Blog

As the name implies, Wives connection is not only about food,but also an avenue for wives,mothers,women,young ladies to discuss issues around food,recipes,marriage,relationships and general day to day living.

9)Nigerianfoodtv - Blog

make nigerian fried rice,prepare nigerian fried rice

Nigerian buns is a favorite Nigerian snack

With lots of recipes and an accompanying Youtube channel as well.You have no excuse not to get cooking.

10) My Belle don full - Blog

More food and recipes over at

Hope you have enjoyed this week's edition and that we have inspired you to embrace Nigerian dishes and go all out creative with them

Please keep it a date next week and ohh yea I wont be telling you our net topic you just check back and see xx

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